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Jules Christian and Dalonte Smith stars in a short film comedy about a cool guy and a nerd battling after ONE book, A Thousand Clowns.This was my first EVER film. NO AUDIO except the music and crazy sounds effects added later in post production. This movie was shot in 1993 and post produced in 1997. Shot on Super8 film, film transferred to Digital Betacam, edited on DVC-PRO digital tapes, and transferred to DVD.The production was a final project of film class at Long Beach City College, California. The film had to be entirely shot in Super 8 film with no sound. My grade was B+ because the original did not necessarily have the edits set correctly. In 1997, I was able to edit out all the cuts on a linear DVC-PRO editing system.This is the final master edit from DVC-PRO to MPEG-2 video.

After the movie, there are some cuts that did not make it to the final edit. Archived on YouTube.


Producer, Writer, Director, Editor
Antonio Allah
(Antonio TwizShiz Edward now)

Assistant Director
Jules Christian

Tom Renteria

Rafael Palamo Jr.

Cameraman Engineer
Tom Renteria

Jules Christian – nerd
Dalonte Smith – cool
unknown – librarian

Bianca R. Azevedo
Theresa Tampinco
Lucinda Lewis
Ta Ta Amore
Wyeisha Kelley
Rose Orozco
Diana Orozco
Alfa Felix
Martha Biez
Melissa Gomez
Kimberly Surratt
Stella Ademiyuyi
Jessica Jimenez
Sittul Ila
Sophie Mina Lee
JoAnn Senga
Wanda Uhi
Sinoi Faoliu

Tom Reneria
Chante Holsey
Antonio Allah
Ygnacio Nash Contreras
Salaam Allah

Salaam Allah

Production Coordinator
Sister Halimah Allah

“A Thousand Clowns”
a new comedy by Herb Gardner
Random House Book, New York

Robert Albert
Dan Hoyte

Ygnacio Nash Contreras
Chante Holsey
Chansri Khong
Dalonte Smith

Film Professor
Pam Singer

Thanks to:
Long Beach City College Liberal Arts Campus Library and Theater Arts Department

Thanks to all who were not credited…

Shot on Super 8 Film.
Telecine from film to DVC-PRO.
Dubbed from DVC-PRO master video tape.
Original Filename: TheFlyingBookVM_MPEG2_DVD_NTSC(Mastering).m2p

Copyright 1993-2017 YNOT Media Productions and Shiz, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

The Flying Book

The Flying Book